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Bangalow Weekend Escape – Podcast: A perfect Escape

Podcast: Bangalow Weekend Escape - Bangalow Locals

Today my guest host and I will be sharing all about a “girls” weekend the two of us had in the hinterland of Northern NSW in Bangalow Weekend Escape

Ok ok, Ill tell you who the guest host is it is Mikaela from Easy Family Adventures who is actually my beautiful daughter. – Miki

We try and have a mother daughter weekend once a year together, but it has been a little difficult the last couple years.

We chose Bangalow for our weekend for quite a few reasons – which we share in the podcast and I’m sure you will agree it was a great decision.

We went on adventures into national parks, on very narrow windy roads to the top of a 100m gorge and waterfall.

We explored the local village and many of the cafes, bars and restaurants and the famous Bangalow markets.

It is a stunning part of NSW and only 15 minutes from the famous Byron Bay – so there is a lot to share.

Stay listening to the end to hear where you can find out all about Mikaela’s Easy Family Adventures and also hear her advice about the best places to go in the area if you have kids.

Oh, and also, find out who or what is Saint Kevin and why we got a bit over seeing Saint Kevin several times a day. 

I hope you enjoy this episode all about our fun girl’s weekend – sorry Lyle – I’ll let you back on the next episode.

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