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Bloody Legends Abracadabra: A Tale of Bangalow’s Transformation

Abracadabra Bangalow - Bangalow Locals

Well, if you have ever been or lived on the North Coast of NSW over the past 50 years, then you will know these guys, “The biggest bunch of baskets under the sun!” Never gets old!

Once upon a time in the picturesque far north coast of New South Wales, a former advertising wizard named Hamilton Du Lieu embarked on a new chapter of his life, Abracadabra Bangalow. With his family consisting of three teenage girls, he settled in the tranquil village of Bangalow, back when it was a sleepy hamlet and created.

Hamilton’s aspirations and entrepreneurial spirit led him to open a modest retail store. Little did he know that this small venture would flourish and transform over the years into what is now known as Abracadabra. Today, the shop remains in the capable hands of the Du Lieu family, a testament to their enduring dedication.

The story of Abracadabra is intricately woven into the fortunes of Bangalow itself. In the 1970s, a trickle of visitors began to meander into town, drawn by the burgeoning popularity of nearby Byron Bay. Byron Bay, once a humble whaling town, had undergone a remarkable metamorphosis into a thriving tourist destination, thanks to its stunning beaches and the eclectic alternative lifestyle it offered.

Bangalow, previously little more than a highway pit stop, soon emerged as a sought-after destination for day-trippers and connoisseurs of fine cuisine and boutique shopping. And at the heart of this transformation was Abracadabra.

Abracadabra’s journey through the years is a reflection of Bangalow’s evolution. It started as a humble store, initially offering used furniture, books, and an assortment of bric-a-brac. But as time unfolded, it morphed into something more extraordinary. The store expanded, adding a hairdressing salon to its repertoire, catering to the diverse needs of its clientele.

However, the most distinctive chapter in Abracadabra’s history was when it transformed into a vibrant hippy shop, among its many other incarnations. This phase encapsulated the free-spirited essence of the times, mirroring the counterculture movements that had taken root across the globe. It became a haven for those seeking unique and unconventional items, embodying the spirit of its era.

The journey of Abracadabra and Bangalow became deeply intertwined. In 1982, a significant milestone was reached when the store aired its first television commercial. Accompanied by an infectious jingle that became an unstoppable force, the advertisement encouraged viewers to “come in and say g’day.” It wasn’t long before this catchy tune spread far and wide, putting Bangalow firmly on the map.

Soon, everyone knew about the enchanting little town of Bangalow, positioned just “west of Byron Bay.” Each new generation that came along grew up with the iconic jingle as a backdrop to their lives. Three decades on, visitors from all corners of the country continue to serenade the staff at Abracadabra with this unforgettable jingle, a cherished part of their childhood soundtrack.

As the decades have passed, Abracadabra has remained a constant in Bangalow’s ever-changing landscape. It has witnessed the village’s growth, the ebb and flow of tourists, and the transformation of the region from a hidden gem into a vibrant hub of culture and creativity.

Today, Abracadabra stands as a symbol of resilience, adaptability, and the enduring spirit of entrepreneurship. It is a testament to the vision and dedication of the Du Lieu family, who have nurtured and sustained their business through the shifting sands of time.

In the end, the story of Abracadabra is more than just the tale of a retail store. It’s a narrative of how a small village found its place in the sun, how a catchy jingle helped put it on the map, and how a family’s determination and passion turned a modest shop into a cherished icon of Bangalow’s cultural identity.

As you stroll through the quaint streets of Bangalow today, you might just hear a faint echo of that familiar jingle, a reminder of the magic and history that Abracadabra has brought to this enchanting corner of New South Wales.

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