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Land and Rivercare is all about natives in Bangalow

Bangalow Businesses, Shops, Restaurants, Professionals

Bangalow Land and Rivercare has been helping to restore the land and water since 1998.

The group was started by a few locals who were concerned with the water quality in Byron Creek. Their charter is to revegetate the banks with native species to improve water quality and provide habitat for native fauna. 

President Noelene Plummer says participating in land care is great fun and it’s healthy. ‘You’re outdoors, you’re meeting people. It’s good for your mental health to get out. Instead of worrying about everything that’s happening in the world today you can actually feel like you’re being constructive and doing something.’

Noelene says the group has planted a lot of human and animal native food trees. ‘None of these trees were here. We’ve planted all of them.’